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2018 Summer JAMboree Workshops

Welcome to the 2018 Summer JAMboree Workshop page! We have worked extremely hard on this summer's line up. On this page you will find full length descriptions of each workshop! Instructors are listed in no specific order. 


Nicki Cacciato

 @erybodyloveslucy on Instragram

@erybodyloveslucy on Instragram

Universal Connection Through Dance: In this integrative workshop, students will focus on connection, the most important part of not only movement arts, but of life. Students will work together with one another to create a meditative connection through dance and movement. This class will enable students to expand their repertoire of body movement and the connection needed to achieve a more stable foundation. The idea will essentially make moving with a prop more seamless, grounded, and immersive. We will use imagery, dance, and anatomy to unlock a more dynamic flow. This is an ALL LEVELS class, perfect for everyone, no matter where you are in your movement journey.  **NOTE: This class is geared towards building a more solid foundation as a hooper and dance.

Sassy, Sensual Hooping: It’s time to bring sassy back! In this class, hoopers will learn to unlock their inner queen/king/everything in between by learning a sassy, sensual hoop dance combo. This class will not only build upon foundational movements to make them more fluid, but we will also delve deeply into dance & hoop technique for easier transitions, movements, and a healthier body. Along with technique, students will engage in exercises to help with becoming more confident in their bodies and performance. The class will wrap up with a short routine integrating all of these elements. This is an ALL LEVELS class, though best suited for students with a basic understanding of foundational hooping.


Transitional Flow: This workshop will consist of various tips, & tricks to help the fluidity of your flow. By unlocking new transitions that focus around rotational flow, and body language, the goal of this workshop is to help you find the infinite amount of ways your tricks can all be sequenced together. Then figuring out how to smooth out the edges in between tricks. I plan on helping you add a little spice to your step, and a little funk to your flow! 
I will also explain the importance of musicality & characterization, how to tell a story through movement.

Amy Greenley

 @amy_inspiral on Instagram

@amy_inspiral on Instagram


 @misshoopdidoo on Instagram

@misshoopdidoo on Instagram


Artistry in Motion:
Your body is a masterpiece! This class will be a blend of hoop technique and dance inspired choreography. Each student will learn a sequence combining a variety of unique hoop tricks and transitions that blend effortlessly with detailed footwork, arm placement, levels, direction changes and overall presence. We will learn how to move with intention while maintaining total awareness of our body in space.

Elemental Flow:
Get ready to move…a lot. During this class we will explore the elements – earth, water, fire, ether – and how each element effects our flow state. This class emphasizes intention, flow, continuous movement and most importantly, dancing for yourself.


Tricky Tosses and Big Bumps: Join Madison McBurney (aka Miss Mad About Hoops) for this fun class that is full of tricks, tips and combos for any hooper.  In this class, we will go over bumps like the continuous K Roll, Knee Bump and more. Then we will go over fun tosses like the infinity toss, the pizza toss and the head toss. Finally we will combine both bumps and toss style tricks into some fun combos, that are sure to step up your hoop game! This is an all levels class, offering anything for any type of hooper!

Madison McBurney

 @missmadabouthoops on Instagram

@missmadabouthoops on Instagram

Emily Gandolfo


Intro to Silk Veil Fans: I will be teaching everything from the proper way to hold your fans, different moves, and waves you can create with them that stem from Belly Dance Culture. As well as, dance moves you can incorporate with the fans. We will also work on brand new variations on turns and fluter. Towards the end of the class, we will link them all together into one fun combo.



Transition Exploration: In this workshop we will be breaking down a mini hoops sequence and exploring how each trick can be used as transitions in your own doubles practice. We will go over different ways to manipulate two hoops with one hand and how to combine isolations with weaves and reels to make fun techy hybrids. Even if you’ve never experimented with two hoops before, this class is for you! 
***Hoops 25” or under recommended.

Lizz Rodriguez

 @spinphoria on Instagram

@spinphoria on Instagram

Taylor Duffrin


Let's Get Contactual!: In hooping, we almost always use our hands to create the tricks and combinations we want. This class will challenge you to use more contact based movements to manipulate the hoop. Students will start with learning the basic contact escalator and branch off to learn many different variations from various vantage points as well as learning how to continuously create a contact escalator to combine each variation learned. How many variations can YOU combine?

The Wedgie Excursion Come one come all! This course will be a comprehensive wedgie workshop. From the basic foundation of a wedgie, entries into the wedgie, different wedgie switches, and unique wedgie combos; this class will cover a spectrum of ideas to inspire you to see the wedgie differently.

Split it up!: In this workshop we will work with body awareness, posture, and movement needed to successfully acquire on-body hoop splits. Hoopers will walk away with drills and a practice regimen to nail that four hoop split at home!
We will start with some gentle warm-ups, then move to one on-body hoop to help us connect to our subtle body movements while hooping. 
We will move on to two on body hoops to help us understand and connect to moving two isolated body parts. We will practice splits on the following: waist/chest, waist/hand, waist/knee, chest/hand, knee/chest, knee/hand.
With three on body hoops we will begin to understand the necessity of keeping correct posture and alignment, in this section we will start to practice "the wave", which is the continual push from foot, to leg, to waist, to chest, to hand, and back again. Here we will practice splits on the following: knee/waist/chest, knee/waist/hand, waist/chest/hand.
Last, but not least, we add the fourth hoop and celebrate our amazing bodies and what they can do!

Lisa Toyne


Intro to Contact Staff:
This class will focus on eloquence in movement. Showing off the columns of what contact staff are. The difference between rolling contact, and static contact. Moves like wrists wraps, to halos, neck wraps, and even conveyor belts will be demonstrated and given as things to practice.
People with a grasp on these moves will and their spatial awareness will be separated from the novice group and the focus for them will be on angel rolls, snes, and fish tails.