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2018 Winter JAMboree Workshops

Welcome to the 2018 Winter JAMboree Workshop page! We have worked extremely hard on this years line up. On this page you will find full length descriptions of each workshop! Instructors are listed in no specific order. 


Zach Lambert

 @_zachh_attackk_ on Instragram

@_zachh_attackk_ on Instragram

Behind-the-back: Tosses and Rolls: This workshop will begin with learning how to spin the hoop behind your back and keep it on a level plane. From there, we will go over tosses to the opposite hand, chest rolls (with 3-5 variations) , back rolls (with 3-5 variations) , neck pop variations (front and back), and how to exit these moves using different parts of your body. We will end the class with BTB combinations.

Hoop tech- Wedgie Madness: This workshop is a huge compilation of tech moves that start and end with wedgies. We will go over a basic wedgie, walk the dog to wedgie, walk the dog kick up to wedgie, wedgie switches, wedgie to scorpion pass exits, escalator exits, wedgie coinflips, the double jump wedgie, and many more! I have about 15-20 wedgie moves to teach and choose from. This is a progressive workshop that is considered beginner/intermediate.

Advanced Coinflip Rolls: This workshop is considered an intermediate/advanced workshop and dives into the world of coinflip rolls! We will review how to do basic neck coinflips in both directions and then follow this up with coinflip chest rolls, coinflip back rolls, the jawbreaker, jawbreaker variations, the around the world coinflip roll, and 180 degree coinflip roll turns. This is considered an advance workshop.

Twin Connections: An intermediate or advanced double hoop workshop focused on moves such as iso-flowers and variations, isolations versus extensions, zans diamond, goddess machine and the hug weave!

One, Two, Three, Four!: An advanced quad hoop workshop focused on various ways to split your hoops, grips, quad iso-flowers, quad butterflies, globes and the four hoop box!

Brittany Berry

 @hooptodaloop on Instagram

@hooptodaloop on Instagram


 @misshoopdidoo on Instagram

@misshoopdidoo on Instagram


3-Dimensional Flow: An all levels single hoop workshop exploring planes of movement and how we can utilize geometric patterns to create unique transitions and combinations!  We will focus on style, dance inspired footwork, dynamic movement, cultivating a natural rhythm, the idea of "letting go" and how these techniques influence the energetic expression of the flow state. 


Morning Yoga: The classes will include pranayama (breathwork), fun and powerful sequences to get the participants minds and bodies ready for the day and will end with a mantra which yogis will be encouraged to chant/sing along with me.

Tiffany Adams

 @tiff.yogi.hooper on Instagram

@tiff.yogi.hooper on Instagram

Lisa Toyne


Beginning Balance with a Single Hoop: In this workshop we will begin to explore the body postures and mechanics used to successfully balance a single hoop. Emphasis will be put on ways participants can incorporate balance into their flow, and how to transition into and out of balance.

Breaks and Paddles: For this single hoop workshop, we will explore the world of on body breaks and paddles. Utilizing both waist and shoulder hooping we will learn how to use paddles to speed up and direct the hoop, and how to use a variation of breaks to stop and reverse the hoop.

Into to Hoop Geometry: Learn how to create patterns and shapes with multiple hula hoops. We start by going over the concepts of on body weaves and how you can connect hoops to yourself and also to each other by learning how to do hoop locks and caterpillars. We then work on quad shapes like the on body cube and globes.We will slowly work up to 6 hoops to learn how to create mandalas and wings. Finally we go over how the movement of the body effects the movements of the hoops and how the basic patterns can easily be manipulated into entirely new shapes by changing something as small as posture. *hoops do not need to be the same size to be effective in this class!

Multi Hoop Wedgies: In this workshop you will learn how to do a double, triple, quad, and more wedgie (up to 12 hoops!). Starting with the Wedgie Wrap we will learn how to make use of all the areas around our legs, not just the common wedgie spaces! From there, we will start learning how to add a third, forth, etc hoops into the wedgie mix. Lastly, we discuss transitions in and out of these wedgies to make for a fun performance! *hoops do not need to be the same size to be effective in this class!

Jill Janosek


Emily Gandolfo

 @mysticflowfairy on Instagram

@mysticflowfairy on Instagram


Intro to Silk Veil Fans: I will be teaching everything from the proper way to hold your fans, different moves, and waves you can create with them that stem from Belly Dance Culture. As well as, dance moves you can incorporate with the fans. Towards the end of the class, we will link them all together into one fun combo. Using fans indoors would be best because you have more control of the veil.

Up and Out: This is a workshop for beginner to intermediate level hoopers. I cover the basics of escalators and then we will dive into a ton of fun variations including the reverse escalators, escalator breaks, continuous escalators, and more! We will cover different ways to move in and out of the hoop in combination with escalators. Then combining these moves with wedgies kicks, reverse escalators, hoop hugs, and body wraps. At the end of this class, we will learn how to work them into your flow.


Head Hooping: Nick will be teaching a 1 hour and 15 min workshop all about head hooping! Learn and expand your head hooping. You will learn how to open up and free the body to move creatively. We’ll be going over head hooping foundations, footwork, creative on body and head hooping techniques, exploring levels, ledges and stalls, all while learning how lifting the hoop up to our heads can free the body to move even more unrestrained.

Nick Guzzardo

 @hoopdweamz on Instagram

@hoopdweamz on Instagram

Jean Barnette


Leg and Foot Hooping: The purpose of this class is to teach and drill leg and foot hooping. Focus will be on building good stretching habits. Some of the moves will be taught on the floor in a laying down position. There will be various moves and combos taught to add style and class to your performances or play

   Jessica Brennan             


Handstand Foundations: This workshop will focus on how to get a perfect handstand! We will go over techniques to strengthen, straighten, and perfect standing on your hands. We will start on the ground, going over how to put your body into the perfect handstand position. Then we will move to our hands and focus on strengthening our upper bodies while keeping that perfect shape. This workshop will be done in partners in order to safely spot each other. We will pair off during the workshop so no need to bring a partner! Come get upside down!


 Matt Barulich


Beginning Poi: In Matt's workshop you will learn how to manipulate each poi individually and then work both of your poi into these moves. Matt will break down the terminology of poi moves including timing, body position, and different planes. This is the perfect workshop for anyone looking to get started with spinning poi. There will be a few extra sets of poi for attendees to use! 

Club Manipulations: 


Core Hooping: This 1 hour and 15 min core hooping workshop will focus on drilling core hooping on all parts of the body (ankles, knees, hips, waist, chest, shoulders). We will also drill our opposite current and spend time troubleshooting problematic areas.

For beginner hoopers, we will talk about ways to make on body hooping easier, and ways to troubleshoot problems to keep the hoop up longer. For more intermediate and advanced hoopers, we will discuss tips on static shoulder hooping, utilizing our opposite current, and using less used parts of the body (like hooping on our ankles and shins).

I recommend a large, heavier hoop for this class (at least larger than 32"). I will have many different sized large hoops available to practice with during class. No prerequisites necessary.

Vertical Core Hooping: In class, we will first discuss ways to increase confidence and have fun while hula hooping on the vertical plane (ie. footwork, using breaks to 'reset' your vertical core hooping if it becomes sloppy, transitions, etc.) With those things in mind, we will dive right in to drilling our vertical core hooping - waist, chest, and shoulders. We will work on both currents, how to turn with the hoop, incorporating breaks, and how to sustain core hooping without turning.

The second half of the class will be focused on fun transitions and exciting, more advanced, moves that can be incorporated into your vertical core flow! Knee breaks, the chest bump, shoulder duck outs, elbow duck ins, and transitions on and off body.

At a minimum, you should be comfortable waist and chest hooping on the horizontal plane. If you are able to shoulder hoop, even better! We will start with easy drills and work our way up to more advanced material. I suggest bringing a larger hoop (I will have some availble to borrow) with you to practice with, since it makes things A LOT easier!



Marketing 101: Maggie will be teaching a class that can apply to any flow artist, business owner, or everyday person! Learn how to market yourself better to reach your goals. You will learn ways to engage with your audience, create good ads, and discover many marketing tools that you can use FOR FREE! You will leave this workshop feeling refreshed in all things social media.