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Alyssa Dedlow aka Alyssuh Hoopz

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Alyssa has been involved in gymnastics and cheerleading since an early age and has enjoyed remaining active through out her life. She started hooping in July of 2015 and has been obsessed ever since.

She currently lives around the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin and is hoping to move out west or down south within the coming years.

Alyssa's style of hooping is more focused on tech and musicality. She loves when her flow is as clean as can be, she's is some what of a perfectionist but loves getting weird to spooky, psychedelic, bass music.

Alyssa is more keen to just one hoop but recently has been delving into double hoops and other special contact props such as hexagon hoops and fans.

Alyssa doesn't currently have any performing experience but is hoping to gain some within the coming year and really try to get her name out there.

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