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Khyli has been doing gymnastics since she was five years old and tumbling since she was eight. She has experience in jazz from her time on drill team and cheer in high school. Khyli started hooping January 10, 2016. She started performing August 2017 and has more performances coming up throughout the end of this year. Her style is a little bit of everything but she enjoys a lot of folds and flips with her hoop.

Khyli spins with hoops, mini hoops, fans, and occasionally doubles. She loves playing with fire and her smart hoop along with all of her JAMhoops that she’s collected along her journey.  Khyli currently lives in Houston, TX and does performances in Houston and its surrounding areas. 

Khyli is a part of the Royal Dolls in Houston, a group of flow artist who work for the Royal Promotion nightlife team. 

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