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Kilitta Johnson-Small is a fierce flow artist based out of the Western New York area. Kilitta picked up flow arts over four years ago when her closest friend started hula hooping. As someone who was always intrigued and involved in dance, Kilitta was instantly drawn to the movement and dance that was conveyed with a hula hoop. For the first three years hula hooping was used as an outlet to stay active and express feelings of emotion. After becoming more involved with the hoop community via social media-she was inspired and set goals on becoming more involved with her flow arts.

"I live in an area where there aren't many flow artists in the area, so when I started hooping in public I gained a bit of attention around my town. After a few years I was committed and comfortable enough with my hoop to where I was asked to perform for local events. This bore the passion to want to further commit to myself as a flow artist and pursue more serious avenues of flow arts performance."

Within the last year Kilitta has signed a contract with her local Youth Bureau as a seasonal hoop instructor, she has opened her flow arts to others in the form of private lessons, and has become a member of the Showstarters Entertainment Performance Troupe. Kilitta has dedicated countless hours to drilling and practice, and is currently working on becoming fire insured. Kilitta enjoys on body hooping with a focus on the hoop being an extension of the body itself. Aside from hula hooping Kilitta has high interests in pursuing fans, palm torches, silks, Lyra, fire eating and breathing, as well as stilt walking.

Kilitta hopes to continue to teach flow arts to others and would like to obtain certification to teach Hoop dance to others.

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