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 Lizz Rodriguez aka Spinphoria

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Lizz purchased her first hula hoop on October 14, 2014. She originally started hooping for exercise. However, once she discovered the flow arts community, hula hooping quickly turned into her passion and she has practiced every day since. 

Her flow is usually slow and tranquil. The genre of music she is listening to has a huge influence on her style. She loves hula hooping to anything from classical music to heavy metal. Lizz feels that switching up her music choice and listening to new music allows her to experiment with different dance movements. 

Lizz mostly practices with a single hoop, but enjoys spinning her minis and triquetras as well. She has some experience with levi wand, gloves, and poi and hopes to pick up dragon staff next. 

Lizz currently lives in the small town of Clovis, New Mexico, and dreams of moving to Colorado in the next few years. Until then, she plans on introducing flow arts to more members of her community by teaching hoop dance classes and performing at local events.

She attended the first ever Winter JAMboree in February 2017. Lizz packed up her hoops, bought a bus ticket, and journeyed over 500 miles to meet other members of the flow community and the JAMhoops Limited family. After her experience, she knew she wanted to continue traveling and hooping for the rest of her life, whether performing, teaching, or learning.

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