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2019 Summer JAMboree Workshops

Welcome to the 2019 Summer JAMboree Workshop page! We have worked extremely hard on this summer's line up.
On this page you will find full length descriptions of each workshop! Instructors are listed in no specific order. 

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Nicki Cacciato

Beginner Hip Hop-
This class will focus on basic hip hop footwork and technique to incorporate into your prop dance. In this class we will explore what a dance class setting feels like and learn a short combo to bring all of the elements together.

Intermediate Hip Hop-
This class will build on the basic hip hop footwork and technique, adding more upper body movement that can be incorporated into your prop dance. This class will be a bit more advanced than the beginner class and will learn a more detailed dance combo.

Intermediate Hoopography-
It's time to show us what you've got! This Intermediate Hoop Choreography class will showcase your emotion and attitude to bring to life a short hoop dance combo. Best for Intermediate-Advanced level, but all are welcome to try. This class will move at a steady pace.


Doubles Manipulation-
Are you new to double hooping but struggle learning weaves or CAPS? This workshop focuses on wall plane henge and fold manipulations. The objective is the help expand the mind of what is possible with 2 hoops, each trick taught will be infinitely transitional. We will learn simple and secure double variations that are appealing to the viewer and feel great for the hooper.

Fancy Footwork-
Adding some spice into your flow! In this playful workshop we will be incorporating a series of simpler ticks with choreographed body movement & footwork. Learn how to add energy and emotion behind the circle by fully activating the mind body and soul.

Amy Greenley

@amy_inspiral    on Instagram

@amy_inspiral on Instagram

Sunny Daze

@sunny_daze__    on Instagram

@sunny_daze__ on Instagram


Hoop Theory 1- Deconstruct:
Understand the underlying mechanics of hoop dance. Learn how to “deconstruct” flow to better understand movement by picking apart combos as well as sequences to see whats lying underneath.

Hoop Theory 2- Build it back up:
This is the ’sequel’ to the Hoop Theory class where we will explore the space around us using the grid, planes, and timing and direction to build up small sequences in groups, exploring all the different ways mechanics can be used together.

Yoga for Flow Artists- 
Learn a 20 minute flow that you can practice that is geared towards dance and body awareness, that will strengthen and stretch and help reduce injury (carpul tunnel)


Intro to Coinflips:
This workshop will cover the basics of understanding on and off body coinflips and how to incorporate them into your flow, and how to use them as transitions to bring something new to your style!

Make It Rotate:
This workshop is for the show stopping coinflips that look and feel amazing. Add something spectacular to your flow! We will learn how to break down those tricks that seem impossible and make them easy to understand and incorporate into your flow. Let’s get ready to drill!

Body Rolls Galore:
This workshop will cover fun on and off body tosses, body rolls & transitions! We will start with the basics and then take it up a notch with some fun variations of our favorite moves.

Let’s Get Hoop Tech:
This workshop will cover wedgie variations, folds, transitions, and isolation variations!

Alexis Collier

@dizzydynamic    on Instagram

@dizzydynamic on Instagram

Anna Goodwin

@hoop_therapist    on Instagram

@hoop_therapist on Instagram


So Many Smears- 
Students will be learning a bunch of smears! From the basic smears to various transitions in and out of the move. As well as no handed smears and the no handed elbow variation.

Combo Creation Workshop - 
Anna will use the deck of cards she created called "Combo Cards" to teach fun games to help hoopers learn new combos using the trick cards. Students will also learn various tricks including locks, duck-outs, bounces, and pops.

Balancing Workshop -
In this workshop, Anna will teach various ways to into balancing. This will include the balance walk, chest roll to balance, balancing on fingers and arms. Tosses that you catch in a balance and much much more.


Sophia will be guiding your through ways to help heal your body after a long day of workshops! She will lead this workshop twice. Once on Saturday after the workshops and once on Sunday. Read a bit more about it below!

"Interflow: Restore, Rejuvenate, Reconnect"
We all know warming up is important, but so is cooling down. This important practice allows us to consolidate our knowledge and rebalance our bodily systems. 
This cool down routine starts off with a guided meditation walking you through your day, leading you to where your body needs you most. Here we will gain awareness of our bodies and enter a series of stretches paired with breathing techniques. "Interflow" is designed to alleviate muscular and mental tensions we all experience as flow artists and every day humans. 

Sophia Harp

@naturallyphe on Instagram

@naturallyphe on Instagram

Lian Nitani

@soft.bun on Instagram

@soft.bun on Instagram


Perks of Being a Wall Plane Flower:
Learn to stand out with your flowery hoop tech! We will begin by establishing an understanding of the wall plane in terms of single/double hooping and explore unique ways to navigate the 3x3 grid pattern. We will learn the 4 petal anti-spin flower as a foundational trick and build onto the move by adding turns and learninga doubles variation. We will then familiarize ourselves with the different directions and timing possibilities with additional tricks in relation to the wall plane.

Flowing Doubles:
It’s easy to become stagnant with your doubles hoop flow when both hands are focused on manipulating two hoops. This workshop explores new ways to add dynamic movement to your twin hoop practice. Our primary focus is to utilize the entirety of our body and gracefully navigate through empty grid spaces in a controlled manner. We will learn a technical doubles sequence that centers around footwork, levels, and extensions that will flow seamlessly together in the end. 


Leg Hooping: Plant Your Roots 
Learn to manipulate your hoop from the ground up, literally! In this class we’ll explore every level of the trunk from the foot and ankle all the way up to the thigh. Drop your hoop? Don’t worry, we meant to do that! We’ll learn no handed pick ups that seamlessly transition into your flow. Get down and dirty floor hooping and the dirty pizza toss! This is an all levels class, come to learn stagnant leg hooping or to ramp up your trick collection. Show your legs some love! 

Things to bring to this class:
Thick socks, large hoop, open mind 

Kaity Kay

@kritty_krait on Instagram

@kritty_krait on Instagram