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2019 Winter JAMboree Workshops

Welcome to the 2019 Winter JAMboree Workshop page! We have worked extremely hard on this years line up. On this page you will find full length descriptions of each workshop! Instructors are listed in no specific order. 


Tipper Tech: A “tipper” refers to a folding hoop manipulation where gravity helps the hoop tip over a part of the body. In this workshop, hoopers will explore many of the possibilities of these unique folds using both single and double hoops. We will learn to diversify our hoop flow by incorporating both our arms and legs into these “tipper” movements. An emphasis will be placed on transitions so all hoopers incorporate the new tech into their own flow.

Wall Plane Illusions: In this workshop, we will explore some wall plane twin hoop manipulations with linear isolations and extensions. From there, we will be able to add folds to discover new transitions. We will learn to utilize 3D space to make conventional wall plane illusions more exciting and innovative.

Flowosophy: This workshop is a conversation style workshop all about Flow! We will dive into the many definitions of Flow with emphasis on Flow psychology and science. We will discuss the countless examples of Flow in the universe around us and the benefits of the Flow state as a tool for human evolution and mental health care. We will deepen our understanding of Flow and will explore the formula to increase the frequency of Flow states in your life and therefore your productivity and overall happiness.

Double hoop vs poi: Many tricks translate over between double hoops and poi! This workshop will go over several tricks in both hoops and poi. It will get you thinking about the geometry that applies to almost all props so that you too may become a multi prop master! Tricks include: extensions, weaves, flowers, thread the needle and variations.


Jawbreakers: This workshop is all about jawbreakers. First, we will learn the four steps for a successful jawbreaker trick. From there, we will learn variations starting from easiest to more of a challenge. Examples of tricks we will learn include jawbreaker to escalator, coinflip jawbreaker, jawbreaker to wedgie, and jawbreaker rolls! This is an intermediate single hoop workshop.

Intermediate to advanced weaves: This workshop starts off with basic double weaves such as the forward 3 beat weave and reverse 3 beat weave. Then, we’ll learn how to do these two weaves behind our backs. We will also learn how to do the fountain and hug weave. We’ll learn how to turn with these weaves to be able to go from forward to reverse, and back again.


Fan Tech: This workshop would be covering fan tech, focusing on body tracers, flowers (4-petal, 8-petal, split same 4-petal wall plane), the "dishwasher" with some variations and some fan tosses. Kim will break down all of this terminology to help you better understand the tech. There will be 3 extra pairs of fans to bring, but mostly students will need to bring or borrow their own beyond that.


Foot Hooping Frenzy: This workshop will go over foot hooping from the beginner to the advanced level! We will work on basic foot hooping, how to go into a waterfall with foot hooping, down dog foot hooping and headstand foot hooping! We will also play with some wall work and engage a fun game at the end. This workshop is sure to challenge you, while igniting your hoop skills!


Hit the Floor (Softly!!): Will be an introductory session to becoming comfortable with exploring the floor with our bodies and our hoops. The main focus of the workshop will be developing the necessary foundations for moving around the floor, while maintaining control of our hoop. Particular techniques such as elbow passes, linear isolations, and barrel rolls will be taught in a way to integrate them with floor movement. We will also discuss different ways of transitioning to and from the floor as well as discuss a few frameworks I use to create floor sequences that can be explored to create your own unique floor sequencing. This workshop is best done on a smooth surface inside, or in grass outside. Generally no mic is preferred as the tend to be a nuisance with floor movement.

Jessica Faith & Steve Powers


Acro Yoga: You've probably seen acro yoga poses in cool places all over social media! Have you ever wanted to try them AND use your flow props at the same time?! Well now you can! Join Jessica and Steve of Fractal Tribe in this acro yoga workshop where you will learn some beautiful poses and flows while still being able to use your flow props. No experience or partner necessary. We'll work in groups of 3-4 to safely and confidently nail these skills. Bring hoops, poi, whatever you've got! And if you don't want to bring props, that's's okay too!


SalsaHOOP with TwinRhythms: We will start with body movement and foot work including specific turns. We will learn low reels and high reels and the difference between the two (right and then left). We will incorporate footwork and body movement while learning. We will then utilize the same teachings with two hoops, right and left together. At this point we will segue into a few combinations incorporating high and low reels, breaks/reverses with specific foot work of Cumbia. We will finish the workshop with the teaching of reel turns which incorporates the turn we learned at the beginning with low and high reels. At the end we will add the combos and the reel turns for a super fun and sassy combination!


Mindfully Moving Through the Grid: In this intensive workshop, students will first go over the term "mindfulness" and understand how adding mindfulness to one's flow can positively affect their flow/prop manipulation. Jess will then introduce students to a prop manipulation style known as "Tech Spinning", and how tech spinners utilize “the grid", along with timing, direction, anti-spins, ghosting, etc... to maneuver through this grid. With these new concepts and skills at the palm of a flow artist's hands, they will understand the difference intention and awareness can make in their flow, adding a unique and techy flare to their hoop manipulation. If you are interested in taking what you already know and applying those skills in a whole new way, while also experimenting and designing new combos....this workshop is definitely for you!

Taylor Duffrin           

Break It Like Ya Bought It!: This will be a single hoop workshop all about BREAKS! We will cover some basic break variations and expand outside the box (in this case, hoop!) to create new combinations within your flow. This will be a class for everyone!

Transition Mission: Transition mission will help you feel more comfortable with the piecing of tricks together! We will start out with a game to get you in the creative, transition mood and expand from there on different vantage points of transition between tricks.


"Morning Harmony" Gentle Stretch and Self-massage: Tune in to your mind and body with this morning warm-up specifically designed for flow artists. We will begin to connect with ourselves with a gentle full-body stretch routine. I will then guide you through multiple Self-massage techniques aimed to pinpoint areas of the body most flow artists experience discomfort. The session will end with you connecting your body with newly learned routines to treat yourself in preparation for your day. 
This workshop will be broken into a two-day format. Day one will focus on the upper body self-massage, and day two will focus on the lower body.


Nicki Cacciato

Out of the Box Pt 1- Hoop Class (All Levels): In this class, students will learn how to use footwork and foot articulation to "step outside of their hoop box" in order to create more movement and dimension. This class is ideal for hoopers interested in adding more dance into their hooping as well as hoopers looking to increase their stage performance and presence. Students will integrate foundational hoop tricks with a short footwork combination to bring all of the class elements together.

Out of the Box Pt 2 - Performance Hoop Class (Int/Adv Level): In this class, students will take elements from Part 1 to learn how to create a dynamic performance for a stage or for social media. Students will learn how to create a presence, use space and levels, invoke emotion, and tell a story through their movement.

Anna Goodwin


Balancing: In this workshop, will teach various ways to into balancing. This will include the balance walk, chest roll to balance, balancing on fingers and arms. Tosses that you catch in a balance and much much more. This workshop focuses on just one hula hoop.

Let’s Talk About Grip Baby: This is a transition workshop breaking down ways to use grip change and creating new combos. We will learn various ways to use the inside grip and feeling how we can manipulate the hoop very gently into other tricks. As well as exploring the outside grip in the same way. This workshop will help hoopers tap into new explorations with tricks they are already familiar with.


Josh Phillipi

Ins & Outs Part 1: An exploration of duck-ins and duck-outs. I've been saving this workshop idea for years -- it's the foundation for a lot of my own flow and is near and dear to my heart, so I can't wait to share all the tips and tricks I've collected over these past couple years to achieve seamless transitions from on-body to off through duck-ins and duck-outs. Ideally, we will cover duck-ins and transitions in/out: barrel roll, back/chest-roll, to wedgie, weaves, flowers; backward duck-in; duck-ins in the horizontal plane; etc.

Ins & Outs Part 2: The second hour will be dedicated to duck-outs -- bigger hoops will be essential for this one, more-so than the first half. I'll start with basic shoulder hooping and teach ducking out how I learned myself and really drill using posture/body awareness techniques. I'll then teach in the vertical plane (vertical hooping will be a prerequisite for this section) using the same method to teach vertical duck-outs.