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How Hooping Can Help Treat Your Anxiety

Margaret BrownComment

Hooping: A Treatment for Anxiety

Every person knows the feeling of anxiety; that fear before a big test or important interview. But for some it is a serious issue that becomes persistent outside of the normal realm of reactive anxiety, like a broken alarm system. For those people, like me, help is needed to ease the impending doom we feel for no apparent reason. My treatment? My hula hoop!

     Imagine that dry mouth, light head, turning stomach feeling that comes before public speaking or bungee jumping. Imagine that but while you were simply sitting at home, at the grocery store, or in the car and had no idea why. That’s what it’s like to live with anxiety.

    When I fall into an anxiety attack my heart beats fast, I feel like I can’t breathe, and have a general feeling of terror. When in that place I need to find a distraction- fast - and what is better than a hoop!?  It gives the brain an activity to focus on instead of the impending doom. And since this is an physical activity, unlike watching TV, you must put your full focus into it.

    The next hurdle is to convince yourself you’re physically okay. The shortness of breath and fast heartbeat makes a lot of people with panic attacks feel like they are dying. If you hoop for a few minutes your motions begin to catch up to your heartbeat, endorphins are released and you being to feel normal again. 

    Hula hooping also does wonders for social anxiety. Think of your hoop like a protective shield, there is literally a circle created around you so why not use is as protection? A hoop is always a talking point so you don’t have to be left with nothing to say. Also if you start to feel uncomfortable then it’s time to excuse yourself and dance!

    Hula hooping can be a magic potion for those suffering from anxiety. Whether severe or mild, the hoop helps to bring you out of the fear and into the now.  Next time you’re feeling anxious why not give your hoop a spin?

Article written by Brittney Isphording