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JAMhoops Laboratory

High quality hoops for the everyday hooper!

JAMhoops Tubing Breakdown

Below you will find detailed descriptions of all of the types of tubing we offer here in the JAMlab!


Polyethylene (PE) 

Polyethylene is the ideal tubing for fitness, beginner, and children hoops! JAMhoops offers two types of the black irrigation tubing. We offer 1/2 ID (3/4th OD) 125 psi which we use for children and beginner hoops and 3/4th ID (1" OD) 100 psi for fitness hula hoops! The 3/4th ID PE is the heaviest tubing we offer. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. The higher the PSI, the more pressure the hoop can withstand. PE is a very soft material and is easily bent into the perfect circle if you happen to misshape it while rocking out! These hoops can be found here!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

We use both 5/8th and 3/4th inch HDPE in the JAMlab. HDPE is lighter than PE but slightly (less than an ounce) heavier than Polypro. This tubing is rigid and responsive although it is less bouncy or springy than Polypro.  HDPE is the least likely to get damaged in cold weather. HDPE is great for intermediate and advanced hoopers! This tubing is available in many colors and can be found here!

Polypropylene (Polypro)

Polypropylene is the lightest tubing available!  It is very lightweight and springy. Great for intermediate to advanced hoopers. We offer it in 5/8th and 3/4th inch currently but will be expanding to add 1/2 inch in the near future. JAMhoops carries over 20 different  colors of polypro tubing! You can find all of our colored polypro here