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Fitness of Hooping

Margaret BrownComment

Fitness of Hooping

When Wham-0 produced the modern hoop in the 1950s I doubt they had any idea that their new toy would be used for anything but child’s play. What else could such an invention be used for? How about a health craze!

Most adults haven’t picked up hoop since they were kids. When they try it again, they’re surprised how much effort it takes to keep that hoop around their waist. That’s because hooping is a killer cardio workout! Dancing and spinning around in a hula hoop for 30 minutes can burn around 200 calories! The best part is it feels like play instead of work like traditional treadmills can be.

Off body hooping can completely change how ones arms look. Isolating a hoop is like holding and moving a little weight through the air. With each rotation you can feel your arms burn a little more. 5 or 10 minutes of drilling isolations and your arms will be heavy and sore.

Hula hooping is the ultimate core workout! The basic pumping of the hoop is a great simple way to focus in on those abs. Practicing moving the hula hoop up and down the body teaches you amazing control of your muscles all while increasing their strength.

Mayo Clinic states that a person should get an average of 30 minutes of exercise a day. Though this is common knowledge, many people can’t keep with an exercise routine because they become bored with it or it’s out of their way; like having to travel to a gym. By choosing hula hooping as an exercise you have the fun of dancing and reminiscing but you can do it right in your own home.

So the next time you’re thinking of how to up your exercise go back to play! Grab a hula hoop and head outside. It will give you a killer workout, sculpt those muscles, and actually be a FUN fitness experience!

By Brittney Isphording